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XJ350, XJ550, XJ750 Workover Rig Mud System


As a manufacturer of workover rig mud system, Brightway can produce matching workover rig mud systems for XJ350, XJ550, XJ750 and other workover rigs. Compared with the skid-mounted workover rig mud system, the system is mainly of mobile design, and the vehicle-mounted mud system is convenient to follow the workover rig to move synchronously in multiple drilling sites, which is not restricted by regions.

XJ350, XJ550, XJ750 Workover Rig Mud System

The workover rig mud system is generally composed of a vehicle-mounted mud tank, a shale shaker, a vacuum degasser, a desander desilter, a decanter centrifuge, a sand pump, a shear pump,mud agitator, mud mixing device, electrical control, etc. The workover rig mud system can be connected to an automobile. Based on the mobility of the car, the vehicle-mounted mud system is more convenient to move and transport.

XJ750 Workover Rig Mud System

The structures of workover rig mud systems are mostly skid-mounted devices. This skid-mounted structure has a relatively large volumeand requires a large tonnage crane to be hoisted and cannot be moved quickly. This will delay the progress of the project and cause certain economic expenditures and human resources. waste. In view of the characteristics and disadvantages of the skid-mounted mud system, Brightway has specially designed and customized workover rig mud system for customers. It can be matched with XJ350, XJ550, XJ750 workover rigs and other workover rigs.


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