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Types of Drilling Mud Systems


The drilling mud system is generally matched according to the types of drilling rig, and the types of drilling rig are classified according to the drilling depth. For example: ZJ20 drilling mud system stands for 2000m drilling rig, ZJ30 drilling mud system stands for 3000m drilling rig, etc. Therefore, the drilling mud systems can be divided into ZJ20 drilling mud system, ZJ30 drilling mud system, ZJ40 drilling mud system, ZJ50 drilling mud system, ZJ70 drilling mud system, ZJ70 drilling mud system, etc.

Drilling Solids Control System for 3000hp drilling rig

The drilling mud system is also called solids control system in English. The drilling mud system is one of the eight major parts of drilling project. It is responsible for the mud infusion required during the drilling process of the drilling rig. The drilling mud system filters the mud fed back by the drilling rig, separation and deployment, and recycling of drilling fluid, also called mud purification system, makes the drilling process of drilling rig safer and smoother.

 mud mixing equipment or system in drilling

The drilling mud system generally consists of a mud shale shaker, a vacuum degasser, a desander and desilter, a drilling fluid centrifuge, mud agitator, mud mixing hopper, a liquid-gas separator, an electric control system, a centrifuge pump, and 3 to 9 sets mud agitators and 6-9 units mud tanks. The mud circulation system can separate between mud tanks and bins to meet the needs of drilling operations. These solids control equipment perform their respective duties to ensure that the drilling mud system can separate and remove particles such as cuttings, mud and sand in the drilling fluid, maintains the performance of the drilling fluid, and stores the circulating drilling fluid. It is used to improve the physical and chemical properties of drilling fluid to meet the needs of drilling work.

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