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Top 3 Drilling Waste Management Companies in China


Mud treatment is a necessary for oilfield drilling waste management. Useful mud is recovered while drilling, and the solid phase can be separated to replace the mud pool. The demand for improved drilling technology has spawned a batch of drilling waste management companies with independent intellectual property rights. Among them, three domestic drilling waste management equipment brands, namely, Brightway, GN, and Kosun, are famous.

Brightway Drilling Waste Management Company

Brightway Drilling Waste Management Company was established in 2012 with a registered capital of 60 million yuan. It is a solid control equipment and drilling waste management system integrating R&D, production, sales in oilfields. Relying on years of accumulation of technology and application in the field of solids control in oilfield drilling, Brightway has launched customized integrated solutions for drilling waste management, including oil-based mud drilling waste management and water-based mud drilling waste management, and has obtained many invention patents. Drilling waste management has a high share in the industry and has a high reputation. Among them, oil-based mud not landing is widely used in China’s oilfields such as Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, and the Middle East. The company is rich in production and application experience.

Brightway Drilling Waste Management Company

GN Drilling Waste Management Company

GN Drilling Waste Management Company was established in 2007 with a registered capital of 55 million yuan. It is a separation equipment manufacturer whose main products are drilling solids control equipment and drilling waste management systems, mud equipment and systems, etc. GN solids control is one of the earliest manufacturers in China to develop complete sets of Drilling Waste Management Its products are sold to many countries and regions and have been highly praised by customers. GN solids control’s complete set of drilling waste management can be leased and sold, which can meet the drilling waste management of oil-based mud and water-based mud.

Kosun Drilling Waste Management Company

Kosun Drilling Waste Management Company was founded in 1992. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of solid-liquid separation equipment and systems. It provides a variety of diversified solid-liquid products in the field of engineering construction, environmental protection, and petroleum and petrochemical fields. Separate the solution. The company is committed to resource conservation and environmental protection. Based on the manufacture of special separation machinery and equipment for environmental protection, it provides drilling waste management related products and services. It is used in construction machinery, industrial sludge treatment, river and lake sludge and urban sludge treatment and disposal, in six major fields, including restoration and comprehensive utilization of tailings, has gradually developed into a comprehensive service provider in the field of environmental protection integrating system integration, complete sets of equipment, engineering construction, commissioning, operation, and maintenance management.

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