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Drilling Cuttings Management in Oil & Gas Drilling


As we all know, in the process of petroleum exploration and production, a large amount of drilling waste and drill cuttings will be generated. If it is not handled in time, it will seriously damage the surrounding environment and even cause personal safety. The traditional method is to dig a large mud pit after drilling and completion for solidification treatment, which often results in the destruction of vegetation and waste of land resources. As a result, the state strongly supports the application of drilling cuttings management in Oil & Gas Drilling.

Drilling Cuttings Management in Oil & Gas Drilling

The Principle of Drilling Cuttings Management

The principle of the Drilling Cuttings Management is mainly to separate the drilling mud containing cuttings from solid and liquid, and to recover the separated filtrate. The drill cuttings dryer is used for high-speed rotation processing and filtering. Most of the dried cuttings follow The first sand port is discharged, and the remaining liquid mud is pumped into the centrifuge for subdivision processing. At the same time, the treated mud is re-injected into the mud tank through the pipeline and recycled again.

Drilling Cuttings Management can realize the secondary recycling of drilling waste
The drilling waste after drilling cuttings treatment is mainly coarse gravel and fine sand. Coarse gravel can be used as a road paving or cement road filler, and fine sand can be used as a foundation material for a fence, or as a fire-fighting sandbag. It can also be made into non-burning bricks and used as building road paving and so on. Realize the secondary recycling of drilling waste.

Advantages of Drilling Cuttings Management

1. In the past, the discarded drilling mud was directly discharged into the mud pool, but the harmless treatment such as dosing and mixing was carried out on it, which not only costs more, but also takes a long time to process. The use of the drilling waste treatment system not only can reuse the mud, but also realizes on-site treatment, which saves time and effort.
2. The dried cuttings can be used to pave roads for recycling.
3. The cuttings processed by the drill cuttings dryer can be directly pulled and transported, reducing transportation costs.

Drilling waste and drill cuttings management & disposal

Drilling waste and drill cuttings management & disposal : https://www.brightwaysolids.com/Drilling-Waste-Management_d13

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