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Different of Solids Control System and Drilling Waste Management


Solids Control System and Drilling Waste Management are important equipment for oil drilling mud and drilling cuttings treatment. but what difference between Drilling Solids Control System and Drilling Waste Management? 

Drilling solids control system is a drilling fluids treatment system for drilling rigs, and a drilling waste management system is the back-end equipment of the drilling solids control system, which is mainly used to dispose of the waste drill cuttings processed by the drilling solids control system. 

The drilling solids control system mainly consists of solids control equipment, including mud shale shaker, vacuum degasser, sand removal and silt removal integrated machine, drilling fluid centrifuge, mud agitator tank, jet dosing funnel and so on. These solids control equipment are used to filter and separate the drilling cuttings from the drilling mud, and collect the useful mud in a mixing tank for later use. The drill cuttings separated by filtration and the accompanying mud become drilling waste or drilling waste mud, and this part of the drilling waste mud will be discharged into the mud pool.

Drilling Solids Control System for 3000hp drilling rig

However, according to current environmental protection requirements, drilling waste after drilling solids control system is hazardous waste. It is forbidden to discharge drilling waste at will. Special treatment is required. Traditional mud pools are no longer applicable and need to be processed by special drilling waste management system.

The drilling waste management system is composed of a drill cuttings dryer and a drill cuttings centrifuge. The waste slurry discharged from the drilling solids control is conveyed to the drill cuttings dryer through a screw conveyor for drying and separation. The water content of the drill cuttings after drying is very high. Mud after treatment can be packaged and transported to a special hazardous waste treatment station. The recycled mud can be reused after being processed by the drilling cutting centrifuge.

Drilling Waste Management for dilling tig

Summary: The drilling solids control system is the front-end processing equipment of drilling mud, while the back-end equipment is the drilling waste management system. Both are essential equipment for drilling engineering.

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