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Noticias de tecnología

BWVP350-750 Portable Mud Vacuum Pump


Portable Mud Vacuum Pump is the equipment via vacuum load or top load gravity feed. Portable Mud Vacuum Pump is small in size and moves quickly and conveniently. and canbe applied to a variety of conditions, such as: oil drilling site, tunnel project, construction engineering. 

 BWVP series Portable Mud Vacuum Pump

Brighway BWVP series Portable Mud Vacuum Pump Model includes: BWVP350  BWVP550  BWVP750, the capacity is 10-40 m³/h, and it can transfer semi viscous muds and various materials such as drilling mud,  Oil Based Mud (OBM), water based mud (WBM). 

BWVP series Portable Mud Vacuum Pump Model

Brighway BWVP series Portable Mud Vacuum Pump mainly consists of tank body and base assembly, lifting frame, suction pipe assembly, suction pipe assembly, discharge pipe assembly, ejector pipe assembly, inlet pipe assembly, pressurized pipe assembly, and pneumatic control box.  Portable Slurry Pump via vacuum load or top load gravity feed. 

Brighway BWVP series Portable Mud Vacuum Pump Structure

Brightway Portable Mud Vacuum Pump Working Principle

High-pressure and high-speed gas enters the ejector tube assembly through the air inlet pipe assembly (high vacuum is generated by the air bag in the ejector tube assembly), which is to generate high vacuum in the tank body and absorb materials.

1. Yellow is the flow direction of compressed gas, red is the flow direction of gas in the tank, and orange arrow is thedirection of material entry;

2. The gas flows through the inlet pipe into the air distribution bag, and the air distribution bag generates vacuum (when the restricted flow passes through the reduced flow section, the flow rate of the fluid increases, and the flow rate is inversely proportional to the flow section. The increase of the flow rate is accompanied by the decrease of the fluid pressure, and the low pressure will be generated when the fluid is close to the high speed flow, resulting in adsorption)

3. When the low pressure is generated at the suction port of the air bag, the air in the tank flows to the air distribution bag and flows out with the compressed gas, that is, the vacuum is generated in the tank;

4. The internal pressure of the tank is lower than the external pressure, and the material will enter the tank under the action of atmospheric pressure (the suction height of clean water is 6-9 meters, and the specific gravity and viscosity of the material vary with the delivery distance)

BWVP350-750 Portable Mud Vacuum Pump: https://www.brightwaysolids.com/Sludge-Vacuum-Pump_p70.html

Email: brightway@bwwell.com


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