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Noticias de la empresa

2 Barite Bulk Silos to Customers for Water-based Liquid Mud Plant


Recently, Brightway produced 2 sets of barite bulk silos for a water-based liquid mud plant, and has completed the production of all supporting equipment and is ready to deliver them to customers.


barite bulk silo


The volume of this set of barite bulk silo is 30 m³, and its bottom is equipped with an induction weighing device, which can accurately control the conveying weight and mixing proportion of barite powder, improve the mud treatment effect, and reduce the cost of the whole set of mud treatment. In addition, the barite bulk silo is also equipped with a mixing distribution device, which can connect with the front-end equipment of the customer's water-based liquid mud plant, and can cooperate with the smooth operation of the whole set of liquid mud plant.


barite bulk silo


As the supplier of integrated liquid mud plant design and construction scheme, Brightway can provide a complete set of equipment and systems of liquid mud plant for oilfield drilling, mud centralized treatment and other projects. As one of the important equipment of liquid mud plant, the barite bulk silo can be designed and produced for 24-71m³, with specifications has the advantages of fast ash discharge, adjustable ash output, and no residual ash. At the same time, the automatic or semi-automatic control barite powder conveying system can be customized and designed according to the customer's on-site conditions.


For more information on our barite bulk silo products, please email us at brightway@bwwell.com.

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